Need an advice with sharing posts for commercial use

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    6 September 2018
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    Hi all...
    Thank you in advance for any advice given .
    I have a small printing business and a Facebook page. Am I allowed to share other business's post to my page with attribution? We are all in the same industry and printing same stuff, it's just that they have a different brand machine then mine. I have received a pm from the owner of that business page, asking me to remove all the images taken from their website or page that i posted on my page with attribution. The thing is, I used a screenshot from their video on YouTube, but in my post i shared a link to the original video on YouTube. I have deleted those posts as he asked, but I'm still confused. Can i share their post through a share button on my businesses page without legal issues? I'm trying to show my potential customers what can be done with printing machine, but i don't have enough of my own work.
    I hope it makes sense. Thank you

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