QLD Names of Deceased Persons to Make Claims to Wills and Estates?

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20 November 2014
I'm looking for the website/names list of people that have recently been deceased that is sent to all lawyers and solicitors every month.

My uncle passed away several months ago and I found it on Google but now cannot find the information.

The site had his and other peoples names, when he died, and saying anyone that wants to make claims to his estate to contact his solicitor?

Victoria S

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9 April 2014
The Queensland Courts ‘Wills and estates (probate) Steps to follow’ page sets out the requirements for advertising and notices for a grant of probate. So the main part relevant to you is:
Place an advertisement in the Public Notices section of a:
  • Newspaper circulating throughout the state
  • OR
  • Newspaper approved for the area of the deceased’s last known address. Refer to Supreme Court Practice Direction 2/2014 for approved newspapers
  • AND
  • The Queensland Law Reporter. The contact telephone number for the Queensland Law Reporter is 07 3236 1855.

So its likely the Courier Mail in Queensland (if your uncle lived in that area, and depending on how long ago he passed as to whether the notice will still be advertised) and the Queensland Law Reporter where you can find that information.

Also have a search on The Public Trustee Queensland “Unclaimed Money Register”.

Hope that helps.
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Sarah J

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16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
If you want to find out the firm of solicitors representing your uncle, you can try the Queensland Supreme Court.