QLD Minor Traffic Infringement While on Good Behaviour Driving Bond - Can I Get Work Licence?

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25 November 2014
Hi I am currently on a 12th good behaviour driving bond for an accumulation of speeding offences. I have three months to go. This morning I took a quite back street (one route I occasionally take on the drive to school. I turned at a no turn between the hours of.... sign.

I wasn't really thinking about what I was doing, however the police were waiting and I received a ticket. Will I now lose my licence? I am a single mum, and the kids rely on me to be mums taxi for running them to school and sporting events. I work as a medical person. My job involves both work within the hospital and out in the community in patients homes. I work a 24hr rotating shift including night-duty, and on-call work where we are called in at all sorts of odd hours.

I also a small business visiting patients at home for medical treatment. If I lose my licence I will lose my job, my business and probably my house. I realise how foolish my actions were. I now never speed, but this small indiscretion of mine was not well thought through.

Is there any possibility of getting a work licence under Traffic Law? Do I need legal representation or just write a letter pleading for lenenacy/ forgiveness?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
1. What are the conditions of your good behaviour bond? If you're not sure, speak with the police department who dealt with you regarding the bond.
2. If the police do ask for suspension of your licence, you usually have a chance to appeal the penalty on the grounds of harshness. At this time, you can bring up your circumstances and how your business relies on you having a car.
3. According to the QLD Legal Aid sheet on work licences you may not qualify.

It is not common for the police to suspend your licence after a speeding ticket, even if you are on a good behaviour bond. However, this would depend on how much you were over the limit and the conditions of your good behaviour bond and your initial offence.