VIC Married Australian Citizen - Process to Come to Australia?

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Hom Dahal

2 June 2015
I am a Nepali Citizen female, I was married to man with Australian citizenship 2 years ago. He is from Melbourne. After marriage my husband went back to Australia, leaving me in Nepal, assuring me that he is going to start formal process to bring me to Australia. He never start the process and now he doesn't want to take me with him. What should I do?

Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi Hom,

You should really speak with your husband and discuss your relationship/marriage.

You can apply to Australia either as a sole applicant (e.g. tourist visa, employment visa, skilled visa) or you can be sponsored by your husband. However, you will need your husband's cooperation for this.

Immigration is a complicated area and depends heavily on your individual circumstances, what evidence you have, where you're from etc. It is best to contact a migration agent or migration lawyer.