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    4 January 2018
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    Hi there, My clients are franchisees hard work with complicated system belongs to their franchiser. Clients hired me as project rate or hourly rate to make their work easier and it has been successful for 5 years but franchiser system keeps giving my wrong information or junk making chaos.

    Now the franchiser system is updated started giving me heaps of unnecessary work and test again. I feel very bad for them to charge hourly rate because I can see it needs only one hour to fix.

    My choices are walking away which I have tried before then they persuaded me to stay and they gave me alternative jobs (they always like my products), or charging million dollars for changing one or 2 letters to take million minutes time.

    When I told the franchiser's system developer what I need, his products are getting looks like I made 5 years ago. I tried to avoid I train him and try not be his tester.

    Now the developer is another updating, I want to avoid involving being chaos again.

    I would like to use a law to stand up for my poor subcontract position. If I could have a winning way, I'd like to know. I can clearly show what was wrong with, where the bugs came from and email of our conversations from I.T. point of view.

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