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  1. NiTride

    Can you sell fan made products that are related to IP

    Hi all I am quite confused when it comes to IP and what is permitted and not permitted. I am very new to all of this and only recently started designing products, and trying to build a small business. I decided at one point to create some products "as a fan" based on other franchises and...
  2. L

    QLD How do I write an Law assignment?

    I am a student at the University of Queensland. How can I write my law assignment in two days? can someone help in my assignment?
  3. T

    NSW Dwelling in existance for 5 years cannot be ordered by council to be demolished

    Hi, I remember reading somewhere but cant find it again that if a dwelling has been built on a property that does not have approval, so long as it has been standing for 5 years it cannot be demolished and owner cannot be ordered to bring dwelling up to compliance. I then remember finding an...