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12 May 2022

I recently applied for a job with a financial technology company based in NSW. In my first phone call with the talent person, I disclosed that I had a small business fail and was currently bankrupt as I wanted to ensure it wouldn't be an issue. I am expecting to be automatically discharged in 7 weeks time, as I have followed the rules and paid all contributions asked of me.

The talent person advised it wouldn't be an issue and that the company had recently hired someone who was bankrupt.
The role is in cybersecurity, which I currently work in.

I proceeded to have 3 interviews with 5 people and received a phone call advising that the job was mine. I received a signed letter of offer from the CEO, which stated the offer was bases on me having working rights in Australia (which I do), background checks, and reference checks.

The background checks were sent via Fit2work and was for a police check, and Anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism check. I have no criminal history.

My references both provided recommendations, of which I understand were very positive.

I told my friends, family, and boss that I had received the offer.

I then received a call from the original talent person advising they were not going to be able to proceed, as someone in cyber security shouldn't be bankrupt. This decision was said to have been made by the Chief People Officer in concert with the CEO.

I tried to do everything right, I was upfront, and I don't believe the bankruptcy was part of the background checks.

I am now lost as to what I should do, as they have ghosted me and I have damaged my relationship with my boss.


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27 May 2014