WA Lease and Unusable Kitchen - Get Reimbursed by Landlord?

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2 October 2014
Can I get any sort of reimbursment from my landlord for providing a kitchen that didn't function (oven and rangehood didnt work, stove was usable)? After telling him on a number of occasions that the kitchen was un usable, he said he would fix it but never did and dragged this out of 7 month until I ended the lease. The reason he dragged it out is because he lied to his landlords insurance company and said that it was damaged by last tenant, which is false. It was just old. I had to throw out over $500 of food over the months as he kept promising it was to be done soon.


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10 February 2015
Hi Dave,

To be honest, the time and effort it would take you to get reimbursement for $500 worth of food is unlikely to be worth it.
However, yes you can potentially make a claim in the Magistrates court because your landlord breached the tenancy agreement.

Firstly, did you rent through a real estate agent? Because it is worth speaking to them as a first point of call and seeing what they may be able to offer in terms of compensation.

Failing that, have a look at the following links about compensation for loss as a result of a landlord breaching the tenancy agreement: Compensation for Loss Incurred Due to a Breach by the Owner
Going to Court

If you want to pursue the matter in court, you will need to speak with a solicitor.