WA Landlord Rights - Where to Find Community Lawyers for Landlords?

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22 April 2016
Can someone tell me why there are plenty of community lawyers for tenants and none for landlords? I only became a landlord with my parents' help and because I am at uni and lost my job, can no longer afford the mortgage which is why I am renting.

I am having trouble with both renters at the moment and though there are hundreds of free lawyers for tenants, there are none for poor landlords like me. Is there anywhere I, as a landlord, can receive legal advice as to my landlord rights?


This is a link to the community legal centres in WA. Someone there may be able to assist you.

I realise you are feeling sorry for yourself that you have fallen on hard times and are having trouble with your tenants, but tenants rights do tend to be protected by the law as it is important that renters which is a large proportion of the population can rely on a secure periodic tenure in a home and not be evicted or pushed around at the whim of their landlord. In some cases this takes precedence over your property rights. Hence the disproportionate number of agencies that are available to assist tenants. Don't take it personally.