landlord rights

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    VIC Part of rented property not included

    My husband and just signed a lease for a rental property, during the initial inspection we asked about the workshop out the back and were told that it would be included in the lease however they had to get a locksmith out as they had no key for it at that time. Then when I went to sign the lease...
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    NSW Evicting a Tenant - What are My Landlord Rights?

    Hi, I am a landlord in NSW wishing to kick my tenant out. There is no written contract between us but when the tenant moved in, we did have a verbal agreement stating that I would give the tenant 14 days notice to move out in the circumstance that I required the space to be vacated. The tenant...
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    WA Landlord Rights - Where to Find Community Lawyers for Landlords?

    Can someone tell me why there are plenty of community lawyers for tenants and none for landlords? I only became a landlord with my parents' help and because I am at uni and lost my job, can no longer afford the mortgage which is why I am renting. I am having trouble with both renters at the...