VIC Is it worth it toake a lawyer for my problem?

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25 May 2021
Hello everyone.

I have had a car accident about 18 months ago. The other party crashed into my car while changing lanes. The situation got reported to her insurance (I didn't have insurance at that time) and her insurance accepted that it was her fault and sent me for a damage assessment. The assessor said the damage is just over $5000 and the insurance was happy to pay for it. However, the person that crashed into me withdrew the claim from the insurer, i guess because she didn't want to pay her part, and so far i have not seen a single cent. AAMI claims they are not allowed to do access the file after the claim was withdrawn and that they won't pay me anything.

Is it worth it to take a lawyer for this? If so can someone recommend me one as close as possible to post code 3030.



Well-Known Member
16 April 2017
Make a complaint to the AFCA, they will ask you all information required to assist in your case.
Find an independent panel beater willing to give you a quote.
BE WARE of insurances' assessors, there might be a probability that the insurance wrote your car off and once it's on the public register, you are doomed.