IP Australia - Should I Disclose IP Dispute on My Website?

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4 June 2015
I exposed my ip (not protected by patent and only have an oral agreement) with a company when talking to them for commercialisation. After two years verification of my solutions, the company gained enough information on my IP and their response became very slow and it eventually stopped. They did not find any issues and was always happy with the solutions provided during the two-year verification. They now release a similar product on the market.

When I raised my concern of their new product, I was told my solution never works (it is not true and have emails to approve it). Currently, taking legal action may need over 100,000 to finance it from the quotation received. I was advised by one lawyer that I can disclose the IP dispute on my own website before the finances is ready for the legal case.

Can I do this with carefully exposing the dispute backed by the emails?