NSW Inappropriate Treatment of My Fiance - What to Do?

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Olivia Noonan

16 July 2015
I am writing to anyone out there who knows anything I can do to make sure that a paedophile is discovered and controlled properly before he hurts anyone else.

What happened?

I have been suspicious of certain goings-on behind my back for a few months now, but now that my fiancee has opened up and told me how she was trapped into doing some terrible, sometimes illegal actions. My fiancee has been forced by a certain person whom will not name publicly till I know what charges to go ahead with, to consistently put sleeping medication in my drink and go to him at night where he would force her into sexual favours using her disabilities to convince her as well as threaten her (sexual assault).

She has been recovering from some serious problems related to the same disability and when this person found out about her problems he immediately showed his paedophile side.

My fiancee has told me through hysterical tears that she felt trapped and frightened because not only did he threaten to tell me that she was cheating but also gave her high doses of methamphetamine (ICE) to raise her sexual hormones and make it practically impossible with her disabilities to make rational decisions...and said he will make up false allegations to have me locked up and if not that, he would hurt her and me. She has told him to leave her alone and we fear that if we do not discover a way to get this horrible person away from the community.

Please hear our plea... what can we charge this piece of s**t for under criminal law? Should we let the police know he threatened to make false allegations? My fiancee is frightened and just wants justice because now due to the sleeping medication I have probably lost up to 20 years of my life. She didn't want to do it but was trapped by a very bad person who we also know is regularly around young children which concerns us also.

He also used us for money as he drove us from home to town each day and he charged us far too much.

Please....any suggestions, ideas or advice would we wonderful.

Thanks for reading we appreciate your time and thoughts

Do I need a Lawyer

Well-Known Member
21 January 2015
Hi Olivia,

This is a matter that you are probably best speaking to the Police about. Just be aware that should the Police take action you may have little control over the course of action taken.



Chris Gander

Active Member
9 July 2015
New South Wales
Hi Olivia,

Nick is right, firstly you need to contact the police and make a statement.

Based on what you've said, there could possibly be a number of charges, including sexual assault, drug-related charges (due to the ICE involvement) and if the victim was a child, even further charges, as explained below (which I've taken from our website):

Under the Crimes Act, it is an offence to have (or attempt to have) sexual intercourse with a child.
  • If the child is under the age of 10 years, the maximum penalty for this offence is 25 years imprisonment. This can be extended to imprisonment for life under aggravated circumstances.
  • If the child is aged between 10 and 14 years, the maximum penalty for this offence is 16 years. This can be extended to 20 years under aggravated circumstances.
  • If the child is aged between 14 and 16 years, the maximum penalty for this offence is 10 years. This can be extended to 12 years under aggravated circumstances.
  • If an attempt to have sexual intercourse is made, without the act taking place, or an assault with intent is made, the full penalty for the actual offence (as mentioned above) applies.
Under the Crimes Act, it is also an offence to commit persistent sexual abuse of a child. "Persistent" implies that the offender has engaged in conduct in relation to a particular child, that constitutes a sexual offence, on 3 or more separate occasions (on separate days) during the victim's childhood. The maximum penalty for this offence is 25 years imprisonment.