QLD Had surgery at QEII Jubilee Hospital

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20 September 2019

I'm on a Disability Support Pension and had my normal ultrasound scan of my liver and other organs. On this occasion a growth was detected that appeared bigger since previous scan (scans were 6 months apart), Report on scan said I had cancer. A Multiphase CT Scan with contrast was ordered. Report on that scan appeared to support ultrasound report. A CT scan of my lungs was ordered to see if my lungs were clear. My lungs were clear.

I was referred to QEII Jubilee Hospital as a Priority One (1) patient for surgery.

I seen a urology specialist who informed me I had to have one of my kidneys removed + Adrenal Gland as the image and report said I had cancer. It was a shock to me. I requested to have a PET Scan as it is more advance tool and bit more precise to detect cancer. I was told the hospital does not a PET scanner , but could do a biopsy, the biopsy could disturb it, I did not undertake a biopsy as I had pain and discomfort when a biopsy was performed on my liver many years earlier.

Surgery occurred on 18th June 2019, I had requested pathology results few weeks after my surgery. No report was sent. 5 weeks after my surgery I had to attend for follow up.

I was told I was all clear. I queried what the specialist meant by all clear. Specialist said I never had cancer, just two spots of growth (tumour like) completely benign.

There was no need for me to go back and I was discharged from QEII Hospital.

However, I still have pins and needles on the back of my right hand, feels very inflamed and I'm not happy.

I made a complaint with the Queensland Health Ombudsman, the matter was investigated, however as far as their investigation goes, there is no medical negligence.

I would like to be compensated for the loss of a kidney, adrenal gland that as far as I'm concerned should have not been removed and the injury of severing a nerve in my right arm / hand.

Being on a disability pension makes things hard to pay for legal costs, I have worked as marine biologist in the past and still have some productive employment years in me still.

Do I have a case that's worth pursuing or should I just wear it and say s**t happens?