QLD Gumtree Item Wasn't as Described - Recourse?

Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by Jae Hyeok Son, 25 July 2017.

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    25 July 2017
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    Hi there,

    Last night I bought and electric guitar from Gumtree Fender stratocaster USA guitar for $850 and was advertised as made in USA. I only found out an hour later that pictures didn't line up with real USA stratocaster.

    I did a serial number check online and it turns out to be parts assembled mix bag guitar, neck was USA made I think and the body isn't as the serial number stated that it was a Black guitar rather than Red as sold.

    Below are the descriptions and link to the page;

    Seller's description
    Condition: Used
    2003 Fender American Stratocaster HSS w/case - Made in USA!

    Pictures give the description, call me if yiou have any questions. A few dings and scratches that can be expected from a 14 - 15 year old guitar. Sounds amazing through my Marshall JCM900. Selling because the collection needs to be thinned and to be honest im more of a Gibson man. Guitar is in Coomera Gold Coast QLD

    Yes, all the same story, I paid without knowing to be honest. It's really really hard to tell from the pictures but I have been using strats for long time and this time i was bit ignorant buying it interstate,
    I got the licence and detail of the person, address, instagram/facebook, abn number, mobile, his wifes account number since I deposited to her, and all sorts of information but seller is refusing to refund and being pain.

    I don't even have the guitar yet as I have cancelled the shipping to NSW from QLD, so that I don't get the item sent.

    Should I just cope it and take the fake guitar? or should I go thru ACORN or civil court? I have lodged ACORN already, and trying to find the form for civil tribunal for QLD.

    Can someone comment on this?
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    6 September 2018
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    Did you get this sorted?

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