QLD Getting Deposit Back - Will Solicitor Fees Cost More than $100?

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27 September 2015

At the beginning of August 2015 I had paid $100 deposit on a $650 pup. They needed the money for the microchip. When the time had come around for the pup to leave Mum, they had given my pup to someone else.

To my understanding, that was their fault. They rang me and explained what had happened. I was upset. They offered me another pup, but I said I wasn't paying $650, I was only willing to pay $500. They agreed. Next day, they decided that that wasn't good enough. I said that's fine but I would like my $100 transferred back into my account. They said, "I will do it now". Still no money has been transferred or no receipt has been send to my phone. They are only telling me what I want to hear. I have sent messages, my partner has rung and still nothing.

Nowhere on the advertisement for the pup explained anything about a non refundable deposit. I have all the relevant paperwork. My biggest question is, will solicitor fees cost more than $100? It's the principle. There is more information to add, but just wanted to know if there is anything I can do under Australian Consumer Law?

Tim W

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28 April 2014
If they are a registered breeder, then you may have recourse under the Australian Consumer Law.
If they are a backyarder/ hobbyist/ puppy farmer, then you've probably done your money.