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VIC False Accusations by School - Sue for Defamation?

Discussion in 'Defamation Law Forum' started by Robert M, 27 May 2016.

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  1. Robert M

    Robert M Member

    27 May 2016
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    I'm from Australia and yesterday I was accused of watching inappropriate videos with students whilst I was on placement at a school. I deny these claims 100%.

    The student was viewing videos on a substitute teacher's laptop and I might have happened to look over and look straight away for 1 second.

    I am not a teacher at this school, I am a pre-service teacher still at university, this happened during placement rounds.

    I feel personally violated by this incident and seek an apology and am considering suing for defamation by the teacher and the school. I believe this has hurt my reputation in the community and the school.

    What recommendations can you give me?

    Thank you
  2. MartyK

    MartyK Well-Known Member

    4 June 2016
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    Part of teacher training involves learning how to manage the classroom environment and student behaviours. It is an expectation that student teachers will adhere to school policies during placements.

    You viewed the content briefly and knew that the content was inappropriate. Did you ask the student to cease viewing it and report it to your supervising teacher?
  3. Yevgeni

    Yevgeni Well-Known Member

    1 June 2016
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    Hi Robert,

    Can you please advise whether the "accusation" was published? In that I mean, who was it reported to? Was it by email sent to other staff or were you simply accused of it in person? To how many people was it reported to?

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