NSW Ex Partner's Goods - Abandoned Property under Property Law?

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31 August 2015
My boyfriend was living in my house for 14 months of a 2 and a half year relationship. He paid no rent or bills and we made no joint purchases. There were no,joint bank accounts or his name on anything. The breakup was acrimonious in April when he moved out. He has left furniture and other belongings at my house.

I have set dates that have passed for him to collect them. I believe I have done my due diligence and am being used as a free storage unit. I want no further contact with him. At what stage can I choose to keep or dispose of them? Are they now considered abandoned property? Am I required to legally notify him in anyway under Property Law? He refuses to provide a new address but I have his work details.


Hi Sandgrobs, is the house where he was living with you your house? or a place that you rent?

Generally if you are considered a landlord you must follow the rules set out in the Residential Tenancies Act or similar in your state for abandoned property of tenants. However if you don't come under this regime, I would think that if you have given him written notice that you will destroy or sell the belongings if not collected within a certain time and you keep a copy of that together iwth proof that he received and read a copy of it, then you can safely do away with the belongings.