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NSW Employment Law - No Training Provided for New Job Role?

Discussion in 'Employment Law Forum' started by Not happy., 6 July 2016.

  1. Not happy.

    Not happy. Member

    6 July 2016
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    I am a supervisor. The employer is cutting back on staff and they have put me in a role that I have not done before and is of a less grade. Very physical and demanding job that I did not sign up for. The department that I am in now provided no training to work with hot machinery and a lot of WH&S issues.

    What can I do under employment law?
  2. Workplace Law

    Workplace Law Member

    15 August 2016
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    Sounds like they have breached your employment contract by unilaterally changing your substantive role I presume without your agreement ?
  3. Matthew Lynch

    Matthew Lynch Lawyer

    18 July 2016
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    You can bring a claim that the employer has either made your position redundant without consultation, and you will be entitled to payment for that or the alternative, that the employer has breached your contract and you are entitled to payment.

    You would need to file the proper application to be taken seriously.

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