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QLD eligibility to claim

Discussion in 'Superannuation Law Forum' started by nis, 3 July 2017.

  1. nis

    nis Well-Known Member

    14 February 2017
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    not sure if you can help but i am just after some advice. i was paid out a tpd claim last February. The insurer originally declined my claim and my lawyer took it to court but it settled at a settlement conference in feb 2016. In april 2016 i injured my hand and was working as a cleaner in a supervisory role, i retrained. I ended up having surgery and now my hand is stuffed and i am suffering from crps1, have spent last 14 months doing rehab to no avail I recently lodged a tpd claim for this permanent injury with my new fund of which ive been a member since august 2014. My solicitor called me last week saying the insurer has sent back a letter inquiring about my previous tpd claim which mde me tpd for customer service and administrative roles hence why i worked as a cleaner. One of the insurance eligibility requirements is "a member cannot be eligible, applying for or have received a tpd payout from another fund" Is there any way around this? I feel like the fund isnt acting in my best interests with this clause and i had retrained to a different field and the 1st claim was actually lodged 10 years after i became ill. Any info would be greatly appreciated as i am quite concerned about my future and its quite distressing to think i am not eligible and I am unable to work thank you

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