VIC Drone Laws in Victoria?

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5 August 2014
Hi. Are there any laws regarding drone use in Victoria? Just trying to understand re drone laws Victoria.


Tim W

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28 April 2014
I am a lawyer in NSW, not Victoria, so factor that in
when deciding how much notice to take of this post.
  1. Aviation law operates nationally.
    At present, it does not meaningfully distinguish between toys and pro-grade UAVs.
    So there's all the stuff about AOCs, aircratf type approvals, registration etc,
    and operating an aircraft without them.
    There are "aviation offences" you can commit relating to use of aircraft and, separately, use of airspace, and endangering people and other aircraft.

  2. You can trespass using a drone, and be either sued or prosecuted for it,
    depending on what you do and where.

  3. You are potentially civilly liable in negligence, nuisance, and (as above) trespass,
    for what you do with a drone. In Victoria, there is also a negligence offence.

  4. You can defame somebody by publishing footage shot with a drone.

  5. Recording sound on a drone-cam without the knowledge and consent
    of the person recorded can be an offence.

  6. You can commit peep-and-pry type offences (by whatever name this class
    of offences is called in Victoria) using a drone.

  7. Depending on what you do with it, there are offences in Victoria called (in short form)
    "Reckless Conduct Endanger Life" and "Reckless Conduct Endanger Serious Injury",
    which you can commit using a drone.
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