VIC Drivers Licence Check by Police - What Can They See?

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8 October 2014
Hi, I just recently got stopped by police after I got back home actually, it took awhile for them to catch up for a supposed traffic offence aback some streets, which they let me off with a 'warning'. They breath tested asked if my drivers licence was suspended and then ran a check on it (and its quite a long time when they do so..5minutes or so), and it actually got me thinking what can they see/check when they do so? Can they see any/all traffic infringements since you held a drivers licence? Or what other things show?


Sarah J

Well-Known Member
16 July 2014
Melbourne, Victoria
Hi 11qa,

I am not clear on this as I have not previously worked in a police department. However, I suspect in a simple license check, they are able to see if the license and car registration is valid, if not, the duration of any suspension, if valid, what type of license it is and any special conditions imposed on the license (e.g. requiring vision correction to drive or if able to drive larger vehicles), whether the registration has any issues with it (e.g. any person reporting the car stolen). If a person is under an outstanding warrant (e.g. wanted by the police or court), they are most likely able to see this through a intra-state or inter-state police alert.

I suspect they do not see your full criminal history or other traffic infringements (but may see any current offences, e.g. if you are on probation). Such information should not influence the police in whether to charge you for a current traffic infringement or not (unless you are on probation). This decision should be based solely on the current set of events. However, the police will have access to your criminal history (and past traffic infringements) later once they run a more detailed police check on you. This will then influence their charge (if it is not minor) and what sanctions they seek.


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10 February 2015
They can see as above and also can see your prior penalty notice and full criminal and driving history.