QLD Unaware of Drivers Licence Suspension - Can I Fight This?

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29 August 2016
I'm currently gong through court for a traffic offence. I've been court twice already for an unregistered car driving offence and in July was pulled over by police for a random breath test.

My car was register but my drivers licence was suspended. I was 100% unaware of my licence suspension as I'm in between places and mail gets lost. On the day I was done by the police, I had 14 days left my registered car. I had its number plates removed and had a 90-day "unable to move from home address".

Can I fight this legally as I never knew I had a drivers licence suspension?


As i understand it, it is your responsibility to ensure your address etc is up to date with QLD Transport, so I imagine they may try to argue this against you. However, having said it is a legitimate defence to such an infringement that it was an honest and reasonable mistake that you thought you were allowed to drive. It will be up to the court to decide if they think you made a reasonable mistake.