NSW Dog Attack Vet Bill Compensation

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30 November 2020
Last week an escaped guard dog broke through my front screen door (unprovoked) and attacked my dog in our hallway. My husband pinned it down and got it to release our injured dog. Police had to come and remove the attacking dog from our house. We now have a vet Bill creeping close to $1000 and a damaged front door.
The dog has previously escaped and attacked another dog. It has been on a derelict building site across from our house for a few years. There has been a new caretaker the past 2 months, a young teenager. The fence has multiple points where the dog can escape. The Police are saying that the young guy is responsible and not the company who owns the dog/ property. The teenager clearly has no money and Police have said there is little chance of getting any money from him. What can I do to get compensation for the vet bills? I don’t believe the young guy was equipped to look after the dog/ property (the fence has been in disrepair for a long time)- is it not the company’s responsibility to ensure the maintenance of their secure fencing if they choose to have a guard dog? The guard dog was in terrible condition, has obviously not been looked after for an extended period of time, not just the 2 months the young guy has been there. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any advice, much appreciated.


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27 September 2015
call council to get the other dog seen to. If nothing else it will at least be removed from your neighbourhood.
Vet bills - Look, unless someone offers to pay for the damages you're gonna have to seek legal redress = solicitors. They charge about $400 an hour, so it wont be long before you're more out of pocket than the vet bill


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11 November 2019
www.legislation.nsw.gov.au › current
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Companion Animals Act 1998 No 87 - NSW is the relevant legislation.

I had a big dog attack and bite me in May this year (yes sammy I have bad luck lol and am cursed). It was bloody terrifying.

I could not find who the owner was and the council is not responible these days.

Places like Shine Lawyers do dog attack claims so you should contact them and I feel you would have a legitimate claim.

With regards to the young male caretaker, if he is an employee of the company, then the company should be able to be held vicariously liable under theLaw Reform (Vicarious Liability) Act 1983 and they should be who you sue.

You could also look at OOHS breach as a cause of action through worksafe or something similar if the property is not fenced.

What breed of dog is it?

Restricted dogs, and I think any defined guard dog, must be securely fenced under the Companions Act or face large fines.

Imo, you have a very strong case for payment of vet bills and memtal distress of witnessed dog being attacked.

Report to your council straight away as they are legally requkred to take action and it also gives you a paper trial for legal claim.

Disclaimer: i am not a lawyer. Do not listen to police, they suck. 😂