VIC Do I Have To Refund Money On An Item That I Sold In Good Faith?

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22 August 2017
I recently sold an Ipad Generation 1 on Gumtree which I originally wanted $100 for and sold it for $80 and was in as new condition and now that person is demanding that I refund the money in full as it was supposed to be for a younger person to play games on and I have been informed via mobile phone text messages which I have kept all messages that games are uploaded onto this iPad Generation 1 and will not play and the person that I originally sold it to is now demanding that I refund the money in full or they will report me to the Police, and I text back to this person that you are only wasting your time with the Police as this is not a Police matter and as I am a small seller on Gumtree in Victoria and rely on items that I sell in good faith is a way that I can make money.
The person that I sold this item to has stated via text message that I originally bought this item off ebay which is totally untrue as it originally belonged to my Step Son, who then gave it to his mother who then gave it to me and in fact this item being the Apple Ipad Generation 1 is still registered under my name on the Apple website, but I cleared all unwanted apps from this Ipad before I sold it.
What should I do about this??