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16 December 2016
You can't get it earlier. The law says 12 months separation. If you don't do it you don't get divorced.

If one party refuses to sign the forms or attend the hearing a divorce can still be granted unilaterally.

Thanks a lot, how does it go with the property? Would it be divided once they separate or it would be divided after 12 months, just in case if its divided after 12 months of waiting time ? What if one works and other just goes for holidays so the assets would be divided from the person who would be working to the person who wont be?



Property settlements are not automatically part of the divorce process. It is first up to the separating couple to negotiate how they will split their property. If they can't agree, then they can go to mediation or apply to the court to divide their assets. This must be done within 12 months of divorce.