medical debt

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Medical debt refers to debt incurred by individuals due to health care costs and related expenses.
Medical debt is different from other forms of debt, because it is usually incurred accidentally or faultlessly. People do not plan to fall ill or hurt themselves, and health care remedies are often unavoidable; medical debt is often treated with more sympathy than other kinds of debt resulting in advice that people ought not try to convert it to credit card debt.

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  1. Regina Saunders

    NSW Dental procedure gone wrong

    hi had some dental treatment done through an Aboriginal Health Care, wisdom teeth issues, and the dentist decided to extract a tooth from beside my wisdom teeth. She did not take an X Ray. It seems my teeth were fused to my jaw and the prolonged extraction has created a great gaping hole in my...
  2. A

    Dispute Private Hospital Medical Surgery Debts

    I refer to some payment related complications/disagreements I have had regarding gap payments to a surgical team who I would never have hired had I known they would charge me approximately $6000 in 'gap fees'. In the beginning of March 2014 I was placed under emergency care at Gosford Public...