QLD Defamation on Social Media from Ex

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1 July 2015
Hi I have a relative who is being wrongly accused of something (defamation) on social media using their name, photos of them and encouraging violence towards them.

The person doing this has also pretended to be my relative over the internet through Centrelink to access personal information on where they live, phone number, etc without them knowing at the time and without permission.

This is very worrying as my relative does not want this person to know anything about them. My relative is worried about going to the police because it is an ex-girlfriend doing this.


Hi Keystroke,

No matter who is defaming your relative, it is against the law and can attract civil penalties. It is also in breach of the terms of use of most social media sites. Harassment through social media can also amount to stalking and it is a crime to access a person’s online accounts without their permission.

I would take screen shots of the defamatory social media posts and messages then contact the website administrator and report the defamation, requesting that it be taken down. I would then contact the police and see if they will take any action about her fraudulently accessing information from centrelink about your relative and then seek legal advice from a lawyer regarding defamation proceedings.

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