QLD Contesting a DVO

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14 July 2021
Hi I am currently contesting a DVO but mentally don't think I am up to the challenge or cost and to be frank never want to see him again anyway. A hearing date has been set in a couple of months. What I want to know is can I know advise the DV Registry at the Court (Beenleigh) that I would like to consent without admissions. If that is the case will they bring the hearing forward and I have to attend or will it just happen and I will be served by the Police. What happens if I don't attend as I really don't want to see my ex.
Another question is that if I don't attend assume the Police have to serve the permanent DVO on me. As I am in NSW the local Police station rang me and I went and collected the TPO. This was great as my current partner is not aware of these proceedings with my ex, and I don't want him involved. Is there any way I can ensure that the same process works when they serve the permanent DVO - should I ask for assistance from the Registry?

Thanks for any answers, just want it all to go away at this point........


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27 September 2015
ok, look, you're now in a different state. Call the court have a chat. You will likely find the avo granted in your absence. By the sounds of things you've totally moved on and are very unlikely to see the ex again. Good.