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7 February 2020
Hi all,
Before New Years I spent approximately 2 months applying for the right to lease the kitchen at a local Bowls club. This was a very time consuming task, had to put together proposals, references, resumes etc.
Eventually the proposal was accepted, and we signed a contract for 6 months with an option for 12 months in our favour. The contract was signed by the board chairman.

For the last month both us and them have abided by terms of the contract, being rent, invoicing etc. But there has been much discord within the club as it dramatically changed the way the club used the kitchen; as I now had full exclusive use of the kitchen it upset some members who were used to doing things themselves.

On Wednesday they informed us the board had voted not to ratify the contract. Despite it being signed and in effect since late December. We have never been breached or notified of any breach, they are simply saying the contract is not valid.

They have also taken our business model and IP and are using it themselves.
We have spent thousands on insurance, business software and computers, and kitchen equipment.

So my questions are:
1. Is this worth pursuing
2. If so, can someone recommend a lawyer in the Sunshine Coast or Wide Bay Area?

Many thanks!

Rob Legat - SBPL

LawTap Verified
16 February 2017
Gold Coast, Queensland
Worth pursuing? Ultimately up to you - that's a commercial decision. It could depend on whether the lease has been properly executed, and whether you were aware of the need for ratification.

You should take steps immediately to secure your assets. At the very least this should be a formal letter to the club outlining the situation, what is yours, and that the items are not to be interfered with or used (best to remove them); and reserving your rights at law. This letter is best done by a legal representative for you.

I suggest you see who is in your area via www.lawtap.com.