NSW claim against deceased estate

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    23 July 2018
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    hello, im posting here to seek advice and help.

    Recently, my mum's partner commit suicide due to depression and she observed horrified and terrible scene.
    She was involved in the relationship for 17 years but didnt lived together, didnt have anything on both of their name (real-estate, bills etc).
    However they did spent time regularly and deceased had his last meal at my place.
    He definitely left a will but mum says her name is not in everything will be given to his children. He was just so scrooge even thougj he was rich.

    My mum is currently having so hard time. Even the commumity from after suicide care regularly contacts her and check whether she is ok but his family never contact her and avoid.

    She is currently unable to work and regulary visit his gp and psychologist to get better from post traumatic strss disorder.

    is there something we can do or claim against deceased estate?

    Thanks in advance.

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