VIC Cancelling Exclusive Authority with Real Estate Agents?

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16 July 2015
Hi, I need advice how to cancel exclusive authority with real estate agents.

At the time of signing, the agent hasn't advised that we need to pay advertising expenses upfront. After consideration we decided to rescind the contract but the agent seems to be quite determined not to get out of it.

Tracy B

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24 December 2014
Hi Svetlana,

It is expected that when a company signs up with a consumer, they are told about all fees (not an exact sum, but what they would need to pay). There may be grounds to get out of the contract because the agent did not tell you about upfront advertising fees at point of sale.

Some questions:
  • Did they tell you about the advertising fees at all?
  • Was it just that they did not tell you that you needed to pay upfront?
  • Was the advertising fee listed in the contract? If so, was the due date for payment listed in the contract?
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