Can a macrame woven wall hanging be copyrighted?

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    3 May 2018
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    I am a craftmaker who loves crocheting and making woven macrame wall hanging tapestries which are basically a form of textile fiber art work made with forming knots of cotton yarn cords in different shapes. I take inspiration from the woven wall hangings I see online and make them for my personal use for home decor. But now I am planning to sell my handmade woven wall hangings commercially on popular ecommerce websites. In this case, how do I know that the woven macrame wall hanging that I made by taking design inspiration from similar woven wall hanging being sold online is not copyrighted? In other words, can a handmade woven wall hanging be copyrighted? I checked online and found that an artist can copyright the design pattern and prevent anyone from selling the copy of his or her design on paper but if the design and thereby the woven wall hanging tapestry is publicly viewable then anybody can make their own woven wall hanging with same design because I read copyright law prevents copyright of an idea or expression which here is the unique way I can make the same design because at the end of the day the end product is physically handmade.

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