NSW Australian Consumer Law - Toyota Car Cannot be Fixed - Entitled to Refund?

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12 February 2016
I recently bought a Toyota Hilux. Have it for 10 weeks and it's been to the dealer every week since. I picked it up with issues that have been resolved. But two haven't.

The major issue I have is that the gearbox or tailshaft is making a jolt or a thud upon take off and stopping. It's not a small thud, it's loud and annoying. The dealer has driven other models same as mine, and no other car does it.

They have had 6+ attempts to fix it and still can't be fixed. They do not know how to fix or what to do. They keep telling me to come back pointlessly and be without a car while they try asses the problem. Now they're telling me they don't know how to fix it, just sit tight until they find a solution.

I don't want the car, it's not what I paid for. Only mine does it. Am I entitled to a refund under Australian Consumer Law?