NSW Assault Charges Hearing with Ex Next Month - Help?

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29 January 2020
Next month, on my bloody birthday, I have a hearing for the assault charges put on my son's father. He is currently in custody (bail refused) from the police station when arrested. He is currently pleading not guilty to all incidents because he thinks he's invincible, although I’ve been told he will be present in the courtroom of that day.
I am feeling really frantic and anxious about this, as I do not want to see him? What will happen if he pleads guilty on the day? Say he was to get found not guilty, will he be released from custody at the courthouse?

Can someone please give me some help or guide me through what I can do to get the best outcome on my behalf? Also he's got 5-6 assault charges due to assaulting me over a period of just over 2 years.

I have evidence that he did assault me. I did have a lot more but have now changed phones 3 times due to upgrading or broken and unfortunately now everything I once had backed up to my iCloud as my storage was full but in saying that I still think I have enough evidence for the Domestic Violence matter...


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28 August 2018
Well yes, if he's found not guilty he will be released. My best suggestion is that you have a family member or friend with you for support.

But if what you say is true, it doesn't sound likely that he will be found not guilty. The police have charged him because they feel they have enough evidence. They will be running the case so trust that they know what they are doing, I suppose.

I have very little experience with this sort of court case so I can't really give you more opinions than that except to be strong and trust that the system will look after you. It's not perfect but it's usually right in the end. And he would be an absolute fool to approach you after the hearing even if he is found not guilty. The best thing he could do would be to avoid you completely. Just make sure you are able to document things if you need to. Repeated harassment and assault is going to get worse for him each time.


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2 February 2020
I'd think he would need to be processed out of custody from police firstly, if he were released. This may take time.

He could be charged and released though found guilty or not.

Best to give the court house a heads up you are concerned for your safety so they can organise a safe place for you to wait during the court process and hopefully they can assist you after court to leave court safely.