NSW Are employees allowed to confiscate school bag temporarily?

Discussion in 'Australian Consumer Law Forum' started by Chr1st1ne, 23 October 2018.

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    Got my school bag along with my friend’s confiscated as we were browsing a store to ensure we weren’t stealing anything. As if we would be stupid enough to open our bags in the middle of the store in front of everyone and stuff items in there.

    When we returned to collect our bags, it was not on their desk but instead laid out (probably a trip hazard as well) on the floor, unmonitored. I held an item from the store to put it back as I did not want it anymore but I was stopped by an employee disguised as a customer, no more than 2 metres from the entrance. She rudely asked if I was buying that like I was going to walk out with it. I felt discrimanted against and belittled.
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    The problem is the students who do steal and there seem to be enough to create hassles for the good students.

    Blame your fellow students who do steal for the treatment you receive.

    Store owners can ask you to hand bags in, and if you don't hand it over, they can refuse entry or ask you to leave the store. The store is private property and you can be asked to leave or be considered a trespasser.
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