NSW Alleged breach of tenancy Lease

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Graham Huddleston

Active Member
20 May 2020
Had a neighbour from hell living above my flat.Continually abused me and my daughter.who lives next door.Went on for about 4 months.Real estate did nothing re any of my complaints.Now they accuse me of :Tenant has threatened ,abused,intimidated or harassed the landlord or landlords agent/other person. Causing and permitting a nuisance ,and interfering or causing or permitting interference with the reasonable peace,comfort or privacy of neighbours" This is becaus e after 3 consecutive nights of neighbour leaving tv at full blast,i at 5am on third day used my broom on roof yelling to turn tv down.I can prove its all crap but can i take action against agent/property manager for false and malicious comments,unproven lies and leaking of private and personal information .Thank you