QLD Accusations of apartment block lift damage

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8 April 2020
Hi there,

I’ve got a question in regards to my rights and what can be done by the landlords In this situation?

We live on a high and apartment block and the property owner has come up to myself in the parking lot accusing my kids of damaging (Dent) in the lift door and resulting in it to be jammed.

He has stated that he has my three kids on camera entering the building and then one minute later the lifts jammed on our floor. He stated due to the jam it blew the fuses and cost a lot of money for the lift company to come out and fix. He stated he has the camera footage of them entering the building and a statement by someone else but no cameras in the lifts.

I have asked my kids and they don’t know anything about it the landlord stated that he was gonna take this matter to the police and asked us what we are going to do about it.

I have requested all evidence sent to me of this matter so I can review it and ask my kids again but my kids are not like that at all.

I don’t even know where I stand as the landlord was so confident it was my kids. I haven’t yet received the evidence but it sounds like it’s just the time frame that they going on.

any help on this matter would be appreciated.