NSW Can an agent request a tenant buy carpets/rugs?

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Amy Williams

7 February 2020
We have been renting a top floor apartment in a block of 12 since June last year.
When we moved in we introduced ourselves to our neighbors next door and below. Our neighbour in the apartment below mentioned he previously could hear a lot of noise coming from our apartment and had been asking the owner to install carpet to no avail. We mentioned that if there is ever a noise issue to please let us know.
Floating floorboards had been installed by our landlord prior to us moving in.
After a few months we purchased a rug for the living room, which we placed alongside another rug we had brought with us from our previous apartment. We do not wear shoes in our apartment, nor do we play music and rarely have people over.
Our apartment was recently sold and our new owners are using a property management agency. We recently received an email stating:

“I don’t like starting off a new management/manager and tenant relationships with a negative tone, but strata have written to us requesting the following:

They have asked if it is possible for you to arrange mats/rugs in high traffic areas such as hallway, dining and tv areas to minimise noise being transmitted through to neighbouring properties?”

Can we, as tenants, be asked to do such a thing? I was under the impression that flooring was the responsibility of the owner, not the tenants?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


8 February 2020
I would think that the land lord would be required to pay for things that are in keeping with building maintenance