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Accessing Land Records in Indonesia to Verify Ownership Claim?

Discussion in 'Property Law Forum' started by Jason Groothengel, 15 August 2014.

  1. Jason Groothengel

    15 August 2014
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    How do I access land records in Indonesia to verify my father's claim for ownership of land in Indonesia under Property Law?
  2. Tim W

    Tim W Lawyer

    28 April 2014
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    Land law in Indonesia is complex.
    Land law in Indonesia involving foreigners is especially so.
    You may do best to contact a law firm in Indonesia, probably in the province where he lived.

    A google search will be helpful.
    If you have no real sense what you are looking for, then start by looking for a lawyer in your state in Australia who speaks Bahasa Indonesia ("Indonesian"), and see if they can refer you on.
    I'd make suggestions, but the Community Rules don't allow us to point to particular firms.
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