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  1. J

    NSW Wages - Putting in Free Overtime Work?

    I work in the retail industry as a casual with a set fortnightly roster, rostered 5 weekdays from 7am to 5pm and one weekend from 8am to 4pm. We get paid the award wage, 10% loading on Saturdays and 75% on Sundays. We get a 30 min unpaid lunch break each day with no tea breaks. We start work 10...
  2. Joanie

    QLD Contractor - Can I Start My Own Independent Business?

    I work in the Real Estate game as an Independent Contractor. As a result of recent changes (2nd April 2018), the company directors must now pay a minimum wages. 1. Can they terminate my contract? (Orginial contract says either party can terminate with 30 days notice). If so, must they pay me...
  3. T

    WA How Long to Wait Before Contacting Fair Work Australia?

    Last week, just before Easter Thursday, I quit a casual job with an employer that wasn't respecting the promises made over hours offered to me and had not provided payslips, nor had deducted PAYG. At the point when I quit, I was owed for 41 hours, worked going into Easter weekend. It's now late...
  4. T

    QLD Underpaid for 12 months?

    Hey guys, I work at a bar/venue in QLD. Coming up to a year ago, I stepped up to the position of Head Glassy. This role involves me working much longer hours than most of the other staff and taking on sole responsibility of particular tasks that others would not handle; this aligns with other...
  5. E

    NSW Payslips and accrued wages

    My employer has ran into some financial trouble and asked me to accrue my wages for the next 6 weeks, whilst they are trying to raise some money ( its a startup). Are they still supposed to issued payslips? As I do not have any way to prove what i am owed. How should these transactions be...
  6. T

    QLD Wages - Should I Sign Deed of Release?

    10% wages were kept for bond in case the sale cancels from his sales company that I worked for in 2016 for 6-7 months and 2017 for 7-8 months. I was supposed to have received my bond back by the last week of February and I haven't received it, so I checked my bank account to see if I ever got my...
  7. F

    NSW Fair Work Australia - Employer Withholding Outstanding Entitlements?

    I have just been presented with a deed of release which I have been asked to sign. My former employer is holding unpaid salary, leave and superannuation until I sign the deed. In addition, my former employer is offering to pay out the outstanding wages in a series of instalments and I am...
  8. R

    VIC Recovering Wages Owed

    Hi all, i have had orders made in my favour in the Magistrates Industrial Division as my ex employer didn't file a response. i have sent him a letter of demand for payment with a copy of the orders and asked for payment within 7 days as advised by Fairwork. My question is can the sheriff seize...
  9. R

    NSW How to Make Unlicenced Builder Pay for Damages?

    Hi everyone, So, we had some building work done by a dodgy non licenced builder, who was invited into our home via a local business to get quotes for new windows and a sliding door. Long story short - he went on to renovate our bathroom, causing substrate movement, which also caused one...
  10. W

    QLD Former Employer Refusing to pay wages

    My partner and I were employed for a total of 5 days. The contract was verbally and advertised full time on salary. Due to personal circumstances we had to resign and leave the following day. It has been 4 weeks now and the former employer has not contacted us regarding our pay. My partner sent...