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  1. R

    QLD Can I sue my cheating ex girlfriend?

    Hi, I went through a 12 month relationship with a single mother and typically became step dad the whole time, investing a lot of time and money into the two people. We lived separately. She had an affair for 3 months and I still wasn't aware when we broke up. We got back together after 2...
  2. M

    NSW My employer called me mentally disabled can i sue?

    My employer called me mentally disabled can i sue?
  3. D

    QLD Sue for Damage's and how to represent yourself?

    Hi all, I've clearly have been defamed by a family member that has a very real hatred for me. After weeks of police involvement, lies & innuendo & not getting her desired result the respondent said the following statement to me in front of 2 police officers. ***** said your a paedophile, this...
  4. J

    QLD Is it possible to sue a properly wound up estate?

    My brother is executor of my recently deceased sister's will and he refuses to authorise my access to her medical records in order for me to progress some complaints I have about her treatment. The reason he gave is that he does not want to involve the estate, which he says could be implied if...
  5. Charlie Stevens

    NSW My mother did therapy counseling with me in our home when I was a teen. Is it possible to sue?

    When I was a boy in my pre-teen years my mom went to school to get her masters degree in therapeutic counseling and changed professions to become a therapist. While she was fresh out of school and when I was in my teenage years, around the age of 14, my mother starting getting in my head and it...
  6. P

    Can I sue my real estate agent for failing to disclose to me the interest of a buyer?

    I have recently completed the sale my property in Sydney to a buyer (Let's call her Buyer A). Buyer A visited my property during an open home hosted by my real estate agent (Agent). However, the Agent never showed me Buyer A's offer for the property. Instead, Buyer A told me that she left the...
  7. C

    QLD Sue Upstairs Unit Owner, Property Manager, Body Corp Committee for Enabling & Aiding Stalking

    So Myself my partner and our child have been stalked by our upstairs neighbours daily for 7 months now. We are owners and female and male late 20s upstairs are renting. I am primary target and am followed relentlessly in our unit by strange female tenant as there is a lot of noise transfer...
  8. B

    SA Issues with Tradesman from Airtasker - Can I Sue?

    Hired a tradie via airtasker and after that job was complete, I asked if he would be able to do another job. He did up a quote that I thought was too high. I managed to get the price lower before I agreed to anything. I paid him a $1800 deposit to start work and the next day I had $900 worth of...
  9. B

    VIC Pets - Recourse After My Dog Attacked Someone?

    Someone in my family, unfortunately, left the front door open and my dog ran out of the house to an individual yelling at someone in the street and attempted to bite them. The individual was intoxicated at the time and said that he was going to sue, after threatening to shoot my dog and 'come...
  10. K

    QLD Can I sue for damages if a trespassing lead to an assault

    my ex girlfriend trespassed by jumping my fence she pushed me and yelled abuse in front of my children, my ex was over having visitation with our daughter, I called police which than lead to my ex strangling me. He is now in jail for dv matters, and I am charging the girlfriend can I sue her for...