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    VIC Buyer threatening to sue or return car after private sale

    I have just sold a car through private sale and the buyer is now threatening to take legal action or to return the car and ask for her money back if I do not provide a second key. I never advertised my car as coming with 2 keys. She never asked about it before the money was transferred. Upon...
  2. M

    NSW Personal Injury - Can Someone Sue for STD?

    Can a person be sued under Personal Injury Law if they have STD such as Hepatitis C and failed to tell the partner they have slept with even if the partner doesn't contract the illness?
  3. M

    VIC Can I sue informal administrators of deceased estate

    My 8 year old child’s father passed away in April, my child’s two adult half sisters and their mother dealt with the deceased’s assets. I sent a letter asking for a copy of the will on behalf of my child - the reply in a text message was that he never had a will and that I must call his ex wife...
  4. D

    NSW Constitution - Use of Shortened Name on Legal Documents?

    Hi there, I have a situation whereby a Unit Trust Deed (for which the trustee is a company) was signed by the directors of the trustee company. One of the directors was listed using a shortened name (e.g Ben instead of Benjamin, Mick instead of Michael). The director isn't one of the unit...
  5. A

    NSW Defamation by Lawyer - Will Suing Him Affect His Profession?

    Hi, Without going into details, I believe I have been defamed by a person who is a work colleague and a practicing lawyer (I am not a lawyer). His emailed communication, which is not true, cc’d to other employees, created in our workplace and not part of any legal case, etc, has belittled me...
  6. K

    WA I would like some compensation for defamation of character/slander carried out towards me

    I recently missed out on a job because a member of staff from my last employment place, answered the phone to my potential future employer and instead off taking a message to give to the manger I gave as a reference decided that he was going to gave his opinion off me, this being very nasty, I...
  7. L

    NSW Can I sue a cheating boyfriend

    I found out my ex boyfriend had been cheating on me with many others via another friend. Can I send him a lawyer's letter for hurting me or for using me or anything? I really want to really take some revenge on him or just scare him.... Thanks.
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    NSW Minor, Can I be sued.

    So I own a Grand Theft Auto 5 cheat. Take 2(the parent company of rockstar who owns gta) Has been serving cease and decist letters to other cheat providers. First of all can I be sued, I am 15 and also can my family be sued since I am using their internet connection. etc. And can I get a cease...
  9. D

    NSW a vet overdosed my horse this made him sick became toxic had to be pts can I sue vet negligence?

    vet overdose my horse causing death can I sue negligence?
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    VIC How to sue a Property Valuer

    I'm needing some information on how to sue a property valuer for not following due diligence when valuing a property for sale (under valued it by $40000). Can you please advise me of how to do this? I already have a new evaluation and have other evidence to back up my claim. Thank you