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  1. Aisha01

    VIC Fiance on Protection Visa 866 - Can He Return Home?

    Hi. I need to know this ASAP, that I'm in Pakistan and my fiance is in Australia on student visa, and has lodged his Protection Visa 866 Application last month. We plan to get married in 2018, so how long should it take for his application to process? And, most importantly, is there any way he...
  2. F

    NSW Charged with criminal assault while on student visa

    Hi guys, I am a victim of an assault incident. My Ex-girlfriend has an affair with a bad guy, then that guy came to my apartment attacked me by steel pipe outside the security door. I had the CCTV footage and police have charged that guy. I never knew that bad guy before and we are both...
  3. K

    WA Bridging Visa A - Follow E-Visitor Visa Conditions?

    If someone is having an e- visitor visa for one year with three months stay on each travel, but that person has applied for a student visa onshore while on e-visitor visa and granted with a Bridging Visa A. The Bridging Visa A grant letter says that the BVA will come into affect when e-visitor...
  4. K

    Regarding Student Visa

    Hi there, I'm an indian citizen planning to apply for my Maters starting next year. My Concern is while i was in USA i was busted for dwi and got arrested, Unfortunately due to family emergency had to leave states and wasn't able to show up. What are the chances that i'll be able to get a...
  5. J

    VIC Student Visa Application Query

    Hi, I would be starting my masters in Australia in Feb 2018.I have already received my student visa. However there are a few things I need to clear for which I might need your services in the future. I was denied a Canadian student permit application earlier. However while applying for the...
  6. M

    VIC Registration of Relationship on Student Visa?

    Hi there, I have been on a student visa since Feb 2015. Before I was a student in Australia, I had been on a working holiday visa where I met my partner. We have been in a de facto relationship since December 2013. We are now applying for the partner visa and to strengthen our application have...
  7. A

    VIC Separated from Wife - Can I Still Get Permanent Residency?

    Hi, I came to Australia on student visa in 2013. I fell in love with my ex-wife and we got married in 2015. She is an Australian citizen. We have a kid now. My daughter is a year and a half old. I applied for my spouse visa in 2016 January. After year of living together, we got separated and...
  8. B

    NSW Working remotely on Student Visa

    Hi so the general rule for International student on temporary student visa is that you are allowed to work upto 40 hours every fortnight(Part time). My question is however can an International student currently studying in Australia work as a freelancer or for a company outside Australia...
  9. R

    NSW Expired Visa and Passport - Options to Return to Country?

    I overstayed my student visa by a couple of years and my passport has expired (Indian). I want to return to my country. Can someone please tell me what my options are? Thanks.
  10. M

    NSW Non-relative Guardianship for Student Visa?

    Hello I am under 18 student and applying for a student visa from Nepal and I don't have any close relative (means the relation of blood) in Australia. However, my brother's friends have already got a Permanent Residency in Australia. Is it possible to get a guardianship from their side? If...