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    NSW Divorce of overseas married couple on Student Visa in Australia

    I am in Australia on Student Visa undergoing my Post graduate study for more than a year now. Just after my marriage, I moved from India to Australia along with my husband for financial support. Our relation was good initially but there has been a drastic change in his behavior and character. I...
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    SA Student Visa Rejected - Dealing with AAT?

    My student visa was rejected on the grounds that I did not meet the GTE requirements. I have lodged an application for a review to the AAT. The COE/course attached to the student visa has finished (July 2018). The AAT has not listed my review. What will happen if the AAT is successful? Will I...
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    VIC Will I be Granted Partner Visa Straight Away?

    Hi everyone. I’ve got some questions regarding being granted 801 straight away (skipping 820). I have been in a relationship with my Australian partner since 2013. From 2013 to 2015, my partner visited me in Norway and stayed with me and my family for either 6 or 9 months in total (have to...
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    Divorce with 500 subclass student visa

    Hello all, I come to Australia with my husband who is attending phD program with 500 subclass student visa. We just came here for 1 year but I have some stuffs and wanna divorce with him. Could anyone please tell me how we can do that? and after divorce, can he cancel my visa or I can keep my...
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    NSW What Visa Should My Cousin Apply For?

    Hi What sort of visa can my cousin apply for to return to Australia and pick up his Nursing Registration? I would be grateful for any comments and or assistance. Current situation and resolution sought Long story short, my cousin is a Chinese citizen in Hong Kong, completed his degree in...
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    QLD Could i bring partner as a student visa

    Morning, I’am an Australian resident, married very recently. We know each other for nearly 15 years and its an arrangement marriage. In the mutal agreement we stood up with the decision : due to work conditions and need to apply my citizenship so I have to come back to australia and my partner...
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    NSW Can overstay of U.S Visa for 10 months affect student visa for Australia as a defacto partner?

    I have a U.S visa and I overstayed 4 years ago back in 2014 for 10 months and I am back in my country of origin. My partner is applying for a student visa and I am going as a defacto partner with her to Australia. Should I mention this information and if I do, is it grounds for denial of the...
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    NSW What is the Likely Outcome of Our Divorce?

    Hi, I would like to know what to expect during a divorce. We are couple for almost 7 years, married for 5 years and we have a kid of 3 years old. She found a new man, so she wants a divorce now. I lived with her in her country for 4 years and I didn’t get a job, just some cash on hand job...
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    QLD Student visa Separate from Dependant

    Hi , I am on a student visa with my husband and daughter as my dependants. Can i separate from my husband and all of us still stay in australia ? How will it impact our visa status?
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    VIC Support After Injuries During Car Accident?

    The situation: My daughter was involved in a car accident, in which she was a passenger, on December 26th 2017. She is a British Citizen residing in Melbourne while studying Business Management on a Student visa, allowing her 20 hours of paid employment per week as a Personal Training. She...