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In the Vedic religion, Ṛta (; Sanskrit ऋत ṛta "order, rule; truth") is the principle of natural order which regulates and coordinates the operation of the universe and everything within it. In the hymns of the Vedas, Ṛta is described as that which is ultimately responsible for the proper functioning of the natural, moral and sacrificial orders. Conceptually, it is closely allied to the injunctions and ordinances thought to uphold it, collectively referred to as Dharma, and the action of the individual in relation to those ordinances, referred to as Karma – two terms which eventually eclipsed Ṛta in importance as signifying natural, religious and moral order in later Hinduism. Sanskrit scholar Maurice Bloomfield referred to Ṛta as "one of the most important religious conceptions of the "Rigveda", going on to note that, "from the point of view of the history of religious ideas we may, in fact we must, begin the history of Hindu religion at least with the history of this conception".According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, Ṛta is "the word from which the Western notion of right is derived."

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    VIC Is Landlord Allowed to Add New Clause on Lease?

    Hi everyone, I have applied for a property via real estate and have just heard back from the agent stating: 'All is looking good for your application and I should have an answer for you in the next 24 hours providing I can reach the owner later this afternoon. There is an additional clause in...
  2. S

    QLD Legal for Real Estate Agents to Send Threatening Messages?

    One month after vacating a property (joint tenancy) I lived at for 3 years (no complaint or damage during period), I received a threatening text from the real estate agent that my bond had been reclaimed and that I would be blacklisted for not paying bills. I contacted the RTA and inquired. They...
  3. D

    NSW Traffic Infringement Notice for Alleged Negligent Driving - Police Abuse?

    It all happened in a matter of 20-30 minutes I had just finished meeting with a client for work and was on my way home. I was driving up to a traffic light to turn left onto a main road. I had a red arrow for pedestrians crossing (I drive a manual Toyota 86), so I was creeping up to the lights...
  4. M

    QLD Do I have Grounds to Sue Real Estate Agents?

    I am coming to the end of a 6 month lease of a brand new duplex apartment. Unit 1 (my neighbour) has a 3 bedroom house, and I live in unit 2, a smaller 2 bedroom apartment style unit. Both are metered and rented separately. After moving in, I became aware that there was no Telstra or NBN...
  5. D

    QLD Chances of Debt Recovery from an Undischarged Bankrupt?

    Hi. Seeking help on a rather complex situation... 3 separate issues with same undischarged bankrupt (i'll call him Joe - not his real name ) in qld. 1. Joe & his partner entered a residential lease agreement with me in Sep 2013. Partner vacated several months later. Joe remained in the house...
  6. T

    QLD Multiple Rental Disputes - What to Do under Property Law?

    Hi everyone, sorry this is a bit long but I have a heap of issues I need some help with. I recently moved out of a rental property, and did the usual big clean for the exit report. I've done this before, always done the cleaning myself (apart from carpets and pest) and always had my full bond...
  7. A

    NSW Private Car Buyer Wants Refund - What should I Do?

    Hello, I sold my car to a guy and he inspected the car for 2 hours and he gave me advance money of 300 dollars and asked me not to sell the the car to the other party who wanted to buy my car the next morning. So, the next night the guy came and bought my car and checked everything and brought...
  8. C

    QLD QCAT Issue - Potential Miscarriage of Justice?

    I am begging for legal advice from a lawyer. I am victim of injustice, retaliation, falsely accused of perjury, miscarriage of justice by tribunal. During my hearing, all my sworn evidence, sworn testimony was rejected by tribunal without proof of perjury and without respondent. The reason is...
  9. H

    QLD Gumtree Property Damage & Overdue Rent from Tenants on Previous Lease

    I moved into a property advertised on Gumtree about 7 weeks ago from interstate, so all of my correspondence with the real estate agents and tenants was over the phone and via email or text, no one mentioned any property damage or overdue rent (including the property manager) and I only had...
  10. Y

    QLD Lease - Rental Bond Dispute

    Hi, I have a bond refund problem with my landlord. It's a bit long story. I do deeply appreciate if any of you can answer me or give me some professional advice. My current situation is that My lease will be expired on the 26 March, 2015, but I already moved out the house on the 12th March...