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    QLD If Person with Dementia Dies Before Debt is Paid - Debt Repayment?

    If a debt is under management by the public trustee for a dementia patient and still has several years of repayments left and the person dies, what is the legal position of the remaining debt?
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    VIC If Will Goes Through Public Trustee - Pay for Inheritance?

    Hi, if my mum is going through a public trustee does everything in her will that is left to me legally have to be given to me. I have heard that I would have to pay for things that are left to me. If that was the case, there would be no point in having a will.
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    QLD Deceased Estate Managed by Public Trustee - How to Change It?

    Hi, My 8 years old son's father passed away in February 2014. The deceased estate was left for my son, who will be able to access it when he turn 18 and is currently managed by the QLD Public Trustee. I have been informed that funds can be requested for education, medical, etc. It has been...
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    QLD Deceased Estate - Bank Account Closed Before Death Certificate is Issued?

    Hi. My partner is a 1/3 beneficiary of a deceased estate in Brisbane QLD. Public trustee QLD are the executor of the estate. My partner's sister has acted on her own accord to close bank accounts relating to the deceased estate with the consent of the executors & has also started paying some...
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    QLD Daughter's Legal Rights After Father Dies - Estate with Public Trustee

    Hi. i have posted regarding this matter before but my partners father was still alive then. Our circumstances have changed now, so would very much appreciate some legal assistance with regard to the following matter. Both my partner & myself have been living in my partner's father's house while...
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    NSW Executor of a Will Dispute - Misappropriating Assets of Deceased Estate?

    The executor of my mother's deceased estate reluctantly forwarded her will and assets $70,000. Knowing there was more funds in the estate, I questioned the assets with evidence I knew to the acting solicitor. 1 letter later another $330,000 appeared and I believe there could be more. Is this...
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    WA Removing Executor in Favour of Public Trustee?

    Hi I am acting on behalf of my 3 stepchildren whose mum passed away in 2010. Her estate was left in trust for them to their grandmother who is in her 80's and lives in the UK, until they reach the age of 25. They are currently 18 (twins) and 20 years old. A clause in the will states that they...
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    WA Will with Public Trustee - Issue with Brother's Inheritance?

    My mother died in April 2013 and had made a will with the Public trustees in which a lesser portion of her estate was left to my older brother and my remaining 3 siblings and I received equal shares but a significantly larger portion than my brother. She had a good relationships with all of us...
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    NSW Power of Attorney - Access to Financial Records After Parent's Death?

    I was Power of Attorney and enduring Guardian to my mother before her death. She had dementia and was in care for a number of years. The Public Trustee are her Executors, not me. A sibling has demanded copies of my mother's financial records for the last 12 months. This request was denied while...
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    NSW Removing Guardian/Power Of Attorney - Is It Easy?

    Is it easy to remove your Legal Guardian or Power of Attorney, if you think they are not doing a good job and not acting in your best interests, and you make a valid claim that you can find someone else responsibly suitable or you'd prefer the Public Trustee to be your Legal Guardian? Is it easy...