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The public trustee is an office established pursuant to national (and, where applicable, state or territory) statute, to act as a trustee, usually where a sum is required to be deposited as security by legislation, where courts remove another trustee, or for estates where either no executor is named by will or the testator elects to name the Public Trustee.

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  1. P

    WA Grant of Probate Application - Waiting for 6 Months Now?

    Hello, I want to ask, if there is nearly 6 months since the application for the Grant of Probate and the Grant has not been issued yet, what can be a reason? Some problems with the Will? Property documents? I need to point that Public Trustee is the executor of the will and they have made the...
  2. B

    NSW Who Should Public Trustee Deal With?

    My uncle who recently passed away has his will held with the public trustee. I have not seen a copy of it yet, so I do not know if they are also appointed as executor of will. I do know that myself and my siblings are named beneficiaries in the will. However, my mum - his sister, has taken over...
  3. J

    QLD Do Sibling Have Grounds to Contest Will?

    My father had 4 children (3 children from his first marriage which ended in 1969) and myself from his second marriage with my mother. My father passed leaving me as the sole beneficiary, excluding the other 3. The children from his first marriage have said they will contest the will. His will...
  4. petermark

    SA Putting Your Will with Public Trustee?

    Is it a good idea to put your will in The Public Trustee? 1. After you died, the government office will find it? 2. It is difficult for others to fake it?
  5. C

    QLD Family Members Lied to Public Trustee - What to Do?

    If a will was left with the Public Trustee and they did not do all they could to find a child and the other family members lied to the PT and solicitors during the contesting of the will, stating that the sibling had died, can that sibling now file a claim even after the 12 months has passed and...
  6. S

    QLD Payment for Memorial Site Taken from Father's Deceased Estate?

    As far I am aware, there is still some unclaimed funds in a bank account held in my late father's name (public trustee appointed as executor of will, except he had no major assets or substantial amount of money for them to do anything), am I able to request the bank to pay for his memorial site...
  7. G

    NSW Ex Declared Bankruptcy - Go Through Property Settlement to Get House Back?

    This is both Bankruptcy and Family Law related. My ex declared bankruptcy while we were separated and we have now been divorced. No property settlement has been done through the courts yet. I have until September 2016 to do this. Due to her bankruptcy the Public Trustee (AFSA) now has 50% of...
  8. S

    SA Criminal Law - Consequences of Forging Receipts for Theft - Jail Time?

    Someone I know had money stolen from his trust fund held with the public trustee. About $90,000 was obtained without his knowledge by a family member by printing out fake receipts and quotes and the money used by that person for their own personal use. About 200 fake receipts were made to look...
  9. I

    QLD How to Remove Executor of Will for Fraud?

    Hi, Is it possible to remove an executor of will who is under investigation by the public trustee for fraud? How is this done and how costly would it be? Thank you
  10. M

    WA Mother's Will with Public Trustee - Ask for a Copy?

    If mum's will is with the Public Trustee. Can I approach them for a copy as I know I am a beneficiary? The estate would probably only be worth $400,000 divided between my sister and I. Can I do this was soon as she passes? Is there a timeframe for settling everything? What are the costs...