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  1. W

    VIC Business owner published non-public photos of my property

    G'day all, Another question on another matter. The tradie I hired to do some work took some pictures of my property, and published them on his site. He did it without my consent. He was on non-public part of my property when shooting, and one of the pictures shows my home internals behind big...
  2. W

    VIC Business owner disclosed my home address

    G'day all, I'm having some problem with a tradie I hired to do some work at my property. In general, he refused to fix some defects and some damages he caused to the property. I left a negative review about him on his site, and he published the address of my property in his response to my...
  3. R

    NSW Planning Litigation for r**e at Bond University?

    I would like to pay for a few hours of advice in order to plan litigation if there is a cause of action. My story has been hard for me to recount because retelling it makes me cry and vomit, in a devastated frozen state that lasts whole days. I get flashbacks and I feel it is still happening...
  4. K

    NSW Required Privacy at Strata Meeting?

    Strata meetings are deemed a private meeting and so are not permitted to be recorded unless all present agree. We have one owner who has recorded meetings without our knowledge at the time. The owner now states it’s because of her hearing and believes we are discriminating against herself by not...
  5. S

    VIC Understanding Beach of Privacy Laws?

    I own an online secondhand antique and collectable business. Recently, while shopping in an opportunity store, a staff member mentioned they had been shown my online business. I felt this was a breach of my privacy and I was being identified. Is this the case?
  6. wsDK_II

    VIC Australian Law on Photography in Public Areas?

    Hello, I'm hoping there are some here who can help me out. In the USA, they have the 1st amendment to their constitution which explicitly allows public photography within publicly accessible areas of public buildings, and in public of anything that can be seen from public. Australia has no...
  7. TKD

    NSW Can I Sue for Slander and Manipulation?

    Last year, I moved back home to care for my mother who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given months to live. Her neighbour's behaviour during the time I was caring for her and also since mum has passed away was manipulative, damaging and I now wish to pursue this legally if possible...
  8. 237ivyn923875n3

    NSW Accidentally changed someone's password without permission. What do I do?

    So I worked in IT at my college (quit 4 months ago) and out of curiosity I looked up a friend's friend's profile to see what courses they were doing. I know this is already a breach of privacy. I was going to close the tab after I was done but I accidentally clicked on the "Generate and set...
  9. Joyce

    QLD Privacy Policy for Website - Where to Go?

    I am setting up an online website to sell products, and am stuck at posting my privacy policy. There are many generators out there but I doubt its validity. Does anyone know where I can get the right legal privacy policy?
  10. F

    NSW (Privacy) In Tribunal document submissions, is swearing totally frowned upon?

    I have a privacy complaint against a Local Health District in NSW. This has been going on for over 18 months. Basically, I caught them in a major privacy breach involving almost 6 million records, including my own. They tried to cover it up by acting in an oppressive manner. There is extremely...