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A prison (also known as a jail or gaol (dated, British and Australian English), penitentiary (American English), detention center (or centre if outside the US), correction center (American English), correctional facility, lock-up or remand center) is a facility in which inmates (or prisoners) are forcibly confined and denied a variety of freedoms under the authority of the state. Prisons are most commonly used within a criminal justice system: people charged with crimes may be imprisoned until their trial; those pleading or being found guilty of crimes at trial may be sentenced to a specified period of imprisonment. In simplest terms, a prison can also be described as a building in which people are legally held as a punishment for a crime they have committed.
Prisons can also be used as a tool of political repression by authoritarian regimes. Their perceived opponents may be imprisoned for political crimes, often without trial or other legal due process; this use is illegal under most forms of international law governing fair administration of justice. In times of war, prisoners of war or detainees may be detained in military prisons or prisoner of war camps, and large groups of civilians might be imprisoned in internment camps.
In American English, the terms prison and jail have separate definitions, though this is not always followed in casual speech. A prison or penitentiary holds people for longer periods of time, such as many years, and is operated by a state or federal government. A jail holds people for shorter periods of time (e.g. for shorter sentences or pre-trial detention) and is usually operated by a local government. Outside of North America, prison and jail have the same meaning.

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  1. S

    QLD Fraud - Repay Money After Release from Prison?

    Once convicted of $200k fraud and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Is the convicted still required to repay the $200k once they are released from prison?
  2. AllForHer

    Homework Question - Who Owns the Land that Prison is On?

    Just trying to work out if the State owns the land that it's publicly-run prison is on? Can't seem to find any information about this anywhere.
  3. L

    QLD Criminal Law - Ideas on Conditions of Husband's Parole Release?

    My hubby is currently incarcerated. Sentenced 3 months of 9 months term. Parole release date is scheduled 3/5/2016. It remains ambiguous what his conditions will be on release. He has had no information provided to him. Due to many traumas throughout this whole corrupt legal process, it is...
  4. M

    VIC Mental Health - Friend Forced to Take Dangerous Medication - What to Do?

    My friend was sitting at home, patting her dog when the police busted in and took her to Graylands Mental Hospital where she is being detained in a ward that is one step away from being in the prison next door for the criminally insane. She is being forced to take medication that is being...
  5. G

    VIC Property Law - Son's Girlfriend Entitled to Sell His Car and Tools?

    My son is currently in prison on driving matters. He has been living at a property which he is the only person on the lease. He has had a girl living there with him in a relationship and she was still at the property. Before he went to prison, he locked an unregistered car and about 2 or 3...
  6. T

    QLD How to Stop Cyber Bullying and Defamation Under Australian Law?

    Hello I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am being harassed by a cyber bully who has two websites that are dedicated to bullying me and others by tarnishing our reputations. This bully has falsely accused me of a number of serious criminal activity that could cause a person to get life in...
  7. L

    NSW Spent Convictions - Does the 6-Month Prison Sentence Also Apply to Suspensions?

    Hello, I just got a question about spent convictions. It says: In relation to NSW convictions, a conviction generally becomes a "spent conviction" if a person has had a 10‑year crime‑free period from the date of the conviction. However, certain convictions may not become spent. This...
  8. M

    WA Immigration Law - Ex with Criminal Record - Possible Deportation?

    My ex is not an Australian citizen and has almost completed an 8-month prison sentence for breaching VRO. He also has 1 Grievous Bodily Harm conviction and 2 Assault convictions as well as 6 DUI convictions on his criminal record. I am aware he is subject to an Immigration Review. My question...
  9. J

    VIC Previous Owner of Car in Prison - Transferring Car in My Name?

    Hi all, I have searched all over the Internet to find what my options are but haven't had much luck. My situation is, I purchased a car through a friend's friend but I am not able to transfer the car to my name and I can't find the seller. I have found out that the seller is in prison. I...
  10. A

    WA What is the Statute of Limitations to Sue for Negligence?

    Hi I am new to this and was hoping to get some help. I have a friend who is currently in prison and was bashed up in prison and subsequently admitted to a hospital. What is the statute of limitations of suing for negligence? Thank you.